E.Y.E Control®

 Lid Lifting and Dark Circle Serum

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Patented E.Y.E Control Lid Lifting and Dark Circle Serum


What is E.Y.E Control?

A Patented New Eyelid Lifting Serum Developed In France. 

Morning talk shows have been buzzing about E.Y.E. Control because it is the first cosmetic serum to help drooping upper eyelids. Beauty experts agree that E.Y.E Control is a total game changer and may allow people to avoid costly cosmetic eyelid surgery.

The First Cosmetic to Visibly

Tighten and Lift the Upper Eyelids

1. Droopy / sagging Eyelids

Droopy eyelids lead to the need of blepharoplasty: surgical excision of excess eyelid skin whose number has continued to increase over the last 20 years to become the most common facial operation.  E.Y.E Control™ is the first topical serum to beautify the eye contour and particularly to target the sagging upper eyelids.

E.Y.E Control delivers amazing

results in 3 key areas

Don't suffer with your droopy or sagging eyelids any longer?



Visibly reduces

 crows feet by



Visibly reduces

dark circles by


2. fine lines & crows feet

3. Dark Circles

E.Y.E Control is the first cosmetic  serum  to visibly lift firm and tighten droopy eyelids. The active ingredient in E.Y.E Control is Darutoside. This new compound is made from the extracts of two rare plants living in harshest environment on Earth, the Himalayan Mountains.

Albizia Julibrissin


This plant is found in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and helps detoxify and de-stress  the upper eyelids so they can return to a relaxed youthful appearance.  Also known as the Mimosa Tree this extract helps strengthen the dermal matrix of the upper eyelid area.

Siegesbeckia Orientalis


This exotic plant found in Madagascar is known as the “Holy Herb.” The extract from this plant has been used by locals for medicinal purposes and has a healing, calming and restoring effect.   When these two plants extracts are mixed together in a precise way Darutoside is formed creating the eyelid lifting and firming effect foe the first time in the cosmetic industry.

The miracle ingredients behind E.Y.E Control

were discovered at  the top of the world

E.Y.E Control IS SO EFFECTIVE IT COULD make cosmetic eyelid surgery a THING OF THE PAST?


Sagging eyelids can make you look tired, sad, lethargic or even angry. In addition droopy eyelids can make you look years older than you should.  As a result cosmetic eyelid surgery is the #3 performed cosmetic  procedure in the world!  Why put yourself through the pain,  expense and uncertainty or surgery.  E.Y.E Control is a safe, simple and fast serum that may give you better results than surgery without the down time or side effects.

tested and perfected at these world renowned cosmetic laboratories

 effectiveness  - purity  - safety

Complife Italia,


World leader cosmetic efficacy testing,  Setting ethical, technical, and regulatory and safety requirements for cosmetics.

Sederma, Paris,


World leader in the field of active ingredients intended for the Cosmetic industry.

Eurofins Laboratory,


World leader in the latest developments in the field of biotechnology and analytical sciences.

Boosts Elastin Synthesis 229%

Boosts Collagen Synthesis 256%

Visibly reduces droopy eyelids by Up to 91%

extensive testing  proved e.y.e control really works

Real People, Real Results.

    Why Look Tired, Sad or Angry Because of Your Sagging Eyelids ?

    Try E.Y.E Control and see results in as little as 28 days! GUARANTEED!

    • Visibly Lifts and Tightens Upper Eyelids

    • Visibly Fades Under Eye Dark Circles

    • Visibly Reduces  Crows Feet

    • Look Rested 10 Years Younger

    • World Patent 2013046137

    • France Patent 2980362

    • Now Available In the USA!


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    Head Nurse Hormone Clinic

     I am the head nurse at a hormone clinic in San Antonio, Texas and wanted to share with all who are considering this product. Last week I had a patient, mid 40's who has really bad eyelid drooping who was scheduled for eyelid lift in about 2 weeks, she expressed to me that she was really excited that she found this product because since she has been using it for about 2 months, she has canceled her eyelid surgery. She says product has tightened her eyelid and has given her enough lift that she has decided to cancel her surgery and continue product to see if she can get even better results using it long term. I myself have tried this product and saw tightness in about 2 weeks. I am recommending this product to all our patients. Product is affordable and you can see results in less than a month!